Erie School District to go into ‘watch’ status

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The Erie School District received unofficial notice that the state plans to put them on “watch” status this coming school year.

Watch is one step away from recovery status.

Chief Financial Officer Brian Polito said when the district receives $4 million in emergency funding that was part of the state budget, they’ll officially go into watch status.

The district will then have 180 days to develop a recovery plan while working with state.

To get out of watch status, they’ll have to implement that plan and request to be pulled out.

“Watch is going to give us another opportunity to plead our case in Harrisburg,” Polito said.

The district does not know when they will receive that $4 million funding.

Aliquippa, Reading, Steelton-Highspire and Wilkinsburg school districts are currently in finical watch status.

Watch status is a “selection for participation in the financial watch status is not a statement about the community, the School Board, the district employees, or the students. It is a statement about the financial condition of the district and it reflects a concern that the district, without assistance and/or a change in financial operations, is at risk for a decline in its ability to serve students as effectively and efficiently as it could. The factors at the core of the district’s financial problems could, in fact, be due to the closure of a major employment facility, the nonpayment of taxes by one or more large taxpayers, or some other development that is entirely out of the district’s control.”

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