Erie School District’s “No Hoodie” policy met with criticism

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If your child goes to school in the Erie School District,  a hoodie is no longer an option to wear during school. This is due to a new “no hoodie” policy that was created by the Erie School District. 

“Out of all the things that they can nitpick about, why a hoodie?” said Sophia Mavica. “When, literally it’s been years and nobody’s had a problem with it.” 

Mavica is a junior at Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy and she wasn’t too happy when she learned about the new hoodie policy, especially since she purchased a hoodie for about $40 for her school’s choir team. She added that she uses her hoodie as a comfort tool. “So it’s kind of a weight like either being in a hug or a blanket,” said Mavica.

School district Superintendent Brian Polito says they created this policy as a way to keep kids safe. “When there are issues up at Erie High or some of the other schools, if a student’s hood is up then we really can’t see who’s the one causing the problems,” said Polito.

In lieu of the hoodie policy, there will be an exchange program held at the Erie schools where students can go and exchange their hoodie for another piece of clothing. This comes at no cost to the students.

Sophia says she doesn’t think she will be exchanging her hoodie during the school year because of her personal attachment to it. “Even if I got to keep it, it’d feel you know kind of empty,” she said. The school district also hopes that this new policy reduces the amount of students who wear earphones during class.

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