Erie seems to be go-to place for criminals on the run

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Kyle Johnson – a man on the run from Cleveland who broke into a west-Erie home and brutally beat Kum Miller to death around a year ago.

Wayne Kozak – a New York man wanted in the murder of his mother found in the Summit Township Super 8 motel around two weeks ago.

And most notably Steve Stephens – the Cleveland Facebook killer.

All on the run, all caught in Erie County.

Chief Don Dacus, Erie Police Department, says, “You have Route 5, Route 20, I90, they’re the east (and) west corridors. You have 79 that ends right here in the city of Erie. You have I86 that travels east (and) west through New York state and ends right here in Erie County. So we have all the main arteries of the country that come right to us.”

Now police looking for 24-year-old Ager Mohin Hasan from Hamilton, Ontario wanted in connection to a woman found dead in her kitchen.

He was spotted at the Harborcreek Walmart this weekend.

Trooper Cindy Owens, Pennsylvania State Police, says, “I don’t think there’s a time where it’s greater or a time where it’s less. Just happened that they all came here within the a week and half, two weeks. “

However, officers say they always keeping an eye out.

Dacus says, “Known high-crime areas of the city, we try to be extra vigilant in running plates that may be from Ohio, or New York or Canada. In high crime neighborhoods just for the simple fact that we know the business that goes on in high-crime areas.”

Owen says, “If we see a violation, of course we’re going to make a stop whether it be an in-state tag or an out-of-state tag. Then also if we get information from an outside agency, they’ll send out a bolo is what we call it, be on the lookout. If we get that information then it’s shared of course with the officers in the area. If we see that vehicle or a vehicle that matches that description, of course a stop will be made.”

The Erie Police Department and Pennsylvania State Police say they’ve been able to successfully capture fugitives thanks to everyone working together and because of tips from the public.

Dacus says, “Erie’s always been a big-town mentality, so people share information here pretty well. Our working relationship with surrounding law enforcement is I can’t say enough about it. It’s very good.”

Owens says, “Between Pennsylvania State Police and all other agencies, local departments, and also the outside agencies, we try to relay information as quickly as possible.”

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