Erie Shelters in need of winter clothing and boots

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As Thanksgiving approaches, people are gearing up to give back. The Erie City Mission is one place people can give to as they get ready for their annual Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday.

“Any food that’s donated, like turkeys, any of the items that go along with a traditional Thanksgiving meal,” said Darrell Smith, director of operations for the mission. “We’ll also be donating to some of the other food pantries or handing them out to late comers as they show up.” 

Smith added that besides food, people can also help by donating winter clothing. “During the winter, socks are something that people don’t think about, but that’s really a big ticket item around here,” said Smith. “People often come and they don’t have boots, they don’t have gloves.”

Chris Taylor, director of the Upper Room says they also face the same need of winter clothing. “We’re in pretty good shape I think on blankets, said Taylor. “One thing that we do need for folks that are out on the streets and going to endure the cold, we do need boots, winter boots still.”

Meanwhile, Smith says people in Erie tend to donate all year round and he’s thankful for that. “Erie is a very generous town, people are always donating to us and other non-profits,” said Smith.

If you would like to donate, you can drop off items directly at the shelters. The Upper Room is located on 1024 Peach st and the Erie City Mission is located on 1017 French st.

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