The day after Christmas is usually a busy time for malls and retail stores.

Shoppers in Erie took to the Millcreek Mall to partake in the continued holiday rush.

The day after Christmas is typically a day where gifts are being returned or exchanged.

December 26th was a bit different with shoppers doing more holiday shopping.

The days leading up to Christmas are busy for retail workers with shoppers flooding the malls looking to find the perfect gift.

What some people might not expect is that some continue their holiday shopping after Christmas.

One local family however has made this a tradition.

“I get my Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees, all my donations. So anything I do get, I get after Christmas,” said Jessica Tyndall, Shopper.

Wait times and long lines are factors that deter shoppers from returning items immediately.

Others like to wait a few days and then make their way to the mall.

“We do after Christmas, but I like to wait because I’m not waiting in line for hours,” said Tyndall.

Some shoppers find themselves partaking in the after Christmas sales, while others are not.

This does not mean they are not strangers to typical after holiday exchanges.

“Well I haven’t done it in a few years because now that everybody’s a little bit older we don’t buy as much stuff,” said Carol Luczynski, Shopper.

Although returning gifts the day after Christmas is common, other shoppers have different strategies for purchasing their Christmas gifts.

“What I do with like all my family members and my friends, anyone who like buys me gifts we do like cash back and forth. So I’m actually here buying gifts,” said Shane Capezio, Shopper.

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Majority of the shoppers we talked to we’re not making returns, so it’s safe to say that Santa did a great job this year.