Erie Sport Store expected to close

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The Erie Sport Store has made an everlasting impression on the Erie region since its doors opened in 1951. Unfortunately, sources close to the owners of the store say it will be closing soon.

“I’ve been shopping at the Erie Sport Store for years, I really believe in supporting local,” said Pat Mckellop, Erie resident. “When you’re putting into a local economy, everybody benefits.” Mckellop says he does not look forward to shopping at corporate sports stores and he’s not the only one who shares that thought.

Tim Ward says he has been coming to the Erie Sport Store since he was a kid. “I have shopped at Dicks, we do, but we always seem to come back and just try to patronize the local businesses as well,” said Ward. The store owner says they are trying to reduce their inventory by offering discounts up to 50% on items. The expected closing will affect people who shop at the store occasionally and avid sports player who go in often.

“As an athlete… we need stores like that… just to keep sports going, especially to inspire the young kids to keep going, help parents provide gear and equipment for their kids that started at a young age,” said Joe DeMarco, student athlete. DeMarco is a student athlete who recently graduated from Cathedral Prep High School. “I think sports is good for the community, for everyone,” said Demarco. “So, it’s a shame to hear that that’s closing.” Pat McKellop says the Erie Sport Store is more than a place to shop, but a backbone to the Erie sports community.

“Companies like the Erie Sport Store also help those athletic programs grow and build,” said Mckellop. 

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