It is said that practice makes perfect, and that is the thinking behind a new plan to make open training and soccer matches a year round effort at Erie’s new Sports Center.

Teams from neighboring cities are also taking notice of this.

The Erie Sports Center’s informal tournament was for athletes to come and practice their skills for the upcoming regular season this spring.

Young girls traveled to Erie for an 11 to 11 informal tournament to perfect their skills against other teams.

“Teams from Pittsburgh and Buffalo said hey we’d love to come down to Erie to get more games in, you know play more against each other. So we set this up,” said Troy Bingham, Co-Owner of Erie Sports Center.

The Erie Sports Center was onboard with setting up the event to ensure the young girls would receive training in their off season to gear up for the regular season.

“The more you can play, the better you’re going to get. We keep the facility open pretty much 24/7. We allow our players to come in and train as much as they want. The more games they can get is better for them. So ultimately we’re looking for them to get about 40 weeks a year of training and at least 50 games a year. So to get 50 games we have to keep them playing all the way through winter,” said Bingham.

A player from the Pittsburgh area finds the informal tournament to be beneficial and told us why she would recommend it to anyone interested.

“There’s nothing to lose. So at the very least you’re just getting good game and practice and it’s just exciting to try something new to get us off our feet,” said Evie Minzer, Athlete from Pittsburgh Elite.

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The Erie Sports Center looks to hold more informal tournaments for players in the future.