Erie still draws a crowd, despite record-breaking snowfall

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From Presque Isle to Waldameer, Erie brings in thousands of visitors every summer, and it looks like that trend is spreading to the winter months as well.

Handling the snow is all about perception.  At Off Road Express, they know how to have fun during every season of the year.  Experts say Erie’s winter attractions and activities, like snowmobiling, are drawing people to the region.

People all over the country are talking about Erie after a winter storm left the city buried beneath nearly seven feet of snow, but the President of VisitErie, John Oliver, says that publicity puts this region on the map. “Ironically, what many perceived as negative publicity about our weather has, frankly, turned into something positive.”

That historic snowfall is gaining national recognition, some even calling the city a “winter wonderland.”  And, from snowshoeing to ice fishing, and even to Splash Lagoon, that description seems like a perfect fit. 

Nick Scott,Jr., Scott Enterprises Vice President, says “About 75 percent of our marketing budget is spent outside of our region to get people to come to Erie.” Scott says Erie’s placement on the interstate system plays a key role in bringing in visitors.  “You’re looking for something that’s close, something that’s convenient and something that’s affordable.” Making Erie the triple threat for people traveling from Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.

Scott says nearly 70% of the customers at Splash Lagoon and Peek ‘N Peak come from other cities.  Oliver tells us it’s all about playing off of our assets.  “Yes, we have winter. We have snow and there’s a lot of cool things to do so don’t let that stop you from coming to visit Erie.”

Scott Enterprises and VisitErie work together to market Erie to their primary audience in the tri-state area.  They say within the last decade, they’ve seen big increases in travel and overall perception of Erie.

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