Erie Strayer strikers said that they are not giving up the battle as it has been several weeks out at the picket line.

There continues to be talks that these former workers won’t back down until an agreement is made.

It’s been over a month and a half of these strikers have been camping out 24/7, and even now as the weather turns colder, they said it won’t stop them.

It’s week seven as these Erie Strayer Strikers said they aren’t backing down. Even the cold and being left jobless won’t stop them.

“I’m still fighting everybody. My mom and my wife have been you should probably start looking for something else, but not yet. I’m still in for the fight,” said David Miller, Striker.

Miller said it’s also a fight to improve the company’s treatment of workers.

“The most I had is when I lost my finger about a year ago. I forgot to call in one day because I was at the doctors for it and they wrote me up for it because I forgot to call in,” said Miller.

These strikers won’t take no for an answer.

“I don’t know why people treat people that way. They make millions and they can’t give us a little bit. The cost of inflation is going up. I mean everything is going up,” said Mark Peters, Striker.

With 14 negotiations between the strikers and the company since the strike, there’s no coming to terms yet.

Even Tracy Cutright who represents the Ironworkers said that having a few boiler makers cross the picket line doesn’t affect their resolve.

He told us that the federal mediator has been back and forth with the Strayer’s CFO and Attorney.

“The last we heard through the mediator is they’re not getting dental and they can stay out for another month for all they care. That’s pretty much what we got,” said Tracy Cutright, Vice President of Business Representatives for Iron Workers 851.

Meanwhile the Crawford Central Labor is by the strikers side.

“Basically we are here to support them,” said Jack Lee, President of Crawford Central Labor.

Once again we have reached out to the company and have not heard back. We have been told that there have been eight of the strikers who have quit so far, but there are 29 people on strike.

There is also going to be a march happening on Thursday November 18th as well.

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