The City of Erie Streets Department is busy patching potholes. Several crews are out every day looking for potholes using permanent cold patch material.

Jeff Gibbons with the Erie Streets Department said it’s just as effective as asphalt.

Crews started the patching this week and will be working on the potholes until their summer schedules start.

Crews are currently working on the west side of town, then will be moving to the east side. The lower west side tends to have a lot of potholes.

“We broke up the city into 14 different sections. What we did was put out six different patching crews, and we are going systematically through the city to canvas every street to make sure that we cover every area to pick up all the potholes. We had a light winter, but we still have potholes out there,” said Jeff Gibbons, Erie Streets Department.

If you have a pothole the city needs to take care of, you can call the Erie pothole hotline at (814) 870-1340.