Winter weather has arrived, and JET 24/FOX 66’S meteorologist Tom Atkins said the region will likely be dealing with lake-effect snow into Friday. 

Areas of blowing and drifting could make driving difficult at times, but as our own Matt Mathis found out, area-road crews are ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way. 

The City of Erie has 300 linear miles that they plow and consist of 48 team members. Their fleet of trucks is ready to take to the streets. The city is ready to face winter head-on and the bureau chief of Erie Streets Department shared with us their gameplan as the snow starts to fall.

“We have the whole fleet on. We have all of the wing plows, we have all of the salt spreaders ready, we have everything calibrated, so we’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as the snow starts,” said Jeff Gibbens, bureau chief of Erie Streets Department.

Gibbens said that not only is their fleet ready to go, but they’re prepared with all of the road treatment supplies that they’ll need for the year.

“We have our full complement of salt. If you look outside right now, you’ll see that it’s filled to the top. We anticipated that so that we didn’t get caught with any shortages because with the supply chain, you can get caught with that. We planned ahead with that and are good with salt right now,” Gibbens added.

Gibbens also said that depending on where the snow hits the region, that’s how he and his team at the streets department attack the snow, in total covering 300 linear miles of roads all season.

The head of the City of Erie Streets Department would like to remind drivers about their odd-even parking rules. That means you can only park on the side of the road with even or odd address numbers, corresponding with whether the calendar day is even or odd.

It’s an issue that plagues the department every year as cars parked where they shouldn’t inhibit the department’s ability to clear roadways.

“We really need the citizens to understand that to obey those parking regulations. When we have cars parked on the wrong side of the street, especially in our inner city parking areas, we can’t get down the road,” said Gibbens. “We’ve initiated our towing and ticketing program for the winter where we’re going to be very aggressive with that. If our snow plows can’t get through, you’re going to get ticketed. If it’s a hazard, we’re going to tow your car.”

The head of the Erie Streets Department asks for the people of Erie to please obey parking signs so that he and his crew can efficiently plow throughout the year.