An incident this weekend at Sullivan’s Irish Pub has millions invested as Carson Briere, a Mercyhurst hockey player, can be seen pushing a handicapped individual’s wheelchair down a flight of stairs.

Mercyhurst University has announced an interim suspension of three students involved from their athletic teams, but the damage has been done. Now the victim needs a new wheelchair.

The wheel bearings were loose, an arm rest was cracked, and the brake lever and one of the push handles was bent.

One member of the Mercyhurst rowing team said that pretty much the whole school has seen the video and is talking about it throughout campus.

Those students said that they’re disappointed in the actions of those responsible and that they wish things were handled differently.

They also feel as though the actions of the few may change the perception as to how the campus looks at student athletes.

“The two of us were just talking about how we’re upset because we’re both student athletes on the rowing team, and it also gives us as an athlete a bad reputation with our professors,” said Ankie Mueller, a Mercyhurst student-athlete.

“Especially seniors are very concerned about going to future employers and they might have heard about the story and are more reluctant to employ us,” Mueller went on to say.

Wheelchairs and More shared how valuable mobility equipment is to the disabled and how much damages can cost.

A representative from Wheelchairs and More said that paying for a replacement can be expensive and that insurance will only cover one wheelchair every five years.

“It was actually custom made for her diagnosis. The seat depth, the seat width, everything on the chair is custom for her,” said Lisa Lochbaum, operations manager & VP of Wheelchairs and More.

“We don’t have parts in stock for these pieces of equipment. You have to actually order them from the manufacturer. Just the base price of the chair, just standard, sitting there starts at at least $2,400,” Lochbaum continued.

Lochbaum said that after hearing of the victim’s situation, Wheelchairs and More is willing to help them however they can.