Erie water levels rise

Local News

Walkers, bikers and boaters may have noticed fewer dry space around Presque Isle State Park.  

Visitors at Presque Isle State Park say they’ve noticed more puddles and deeper water, as water levels rise this year.  What this means for the beaches is less sand and walking space, and one Yacht Club member told us they have floating docks to avoid damaging the boats.  

The water levels are also problematic for lakeside roadways, with a risk of flooding.  Bill Swanson, Presque Isle Visitor tells us, “It’s my first time down here in the Spring. I was ice fishing in the winter, but as soon as you come on the park, on the right hand side, when you look at the bay, the bay looks like it must be eight inches higher than normal as far as the water level.” 

The higher water levels contribute to the severe erosion at Presque Isle.

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