After more than 20 years of service, the CEO of Erie Water Works has announced his retirement.

Since 2003, Paul Vojtek has served as the leader of Erie Water Works. In 1999, Vojtek moved to Erie and became the Director of Finance for the Water Authority.

Vojtek said he enjoyed working with his colleagues and watching Water Works grow over the years.

He said Water Works now services townships including Wesleyville, Lawrence Park, Summit and several others.

“The improvements we made to the water quality and water availability for the people and businesses of Northwestern Pennsylvania- over $350 million invested just in my 25 years, the Wasilewski Water Treatment Plant with the membranes. The Cherry Street Pump Station now has reliable pumping into the highest elevations of our system, water into McKean,” said Vojtek.

The water utility’s current senior manager of engineering services, Craig Palmer, will become the new CEO in January.