A candidate for PA Supreme Court stopped in Erie for his campaign trail Saturday afternoon.

Judge Dan McCaffery paid a visit to the Democratic Headquarters to talk about his campaign for Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Judge McCaffery is a Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge who was elected in 2019 as the top vote. The democratic party has asked Judge McCaffery to step up and take the endorsement this year. The judge explains that we need people elected to these courts who are courageous and will stand up and do the right thing regardless of party affiliation. He believes he is the right person for the job based on his own experience.

“Erie is an undiscovered gem. The people up here are lovely, they’ve always been warm and welcoming. It’s a great town, it’s beautiful little town. Erie, as you probably well know, is a bellwether county now. And it’s one of those counties where everybody wants to come because where Erie goes the rest of the state goes,” said Judge Dan McCaffery, PA Supreme Court Candidate.

Judge McCaffery is currently the only military veteran serving on Pennsylvania’s statewide courts.