Erie woman loses hundreds of pounds

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An Erie woman comes face to face with death as she struggles with being overweight. It’s a story so strong that a national weight loss publication is sharing it.

It was 2010 and Lisa Chimenti-Foster weighed 410 pounds. One Monday morning that December, she went to work at Villa Maria Academy feeling out of breath and exhausted. Lisa was struggling to get by and knew something wasn’t right.

“They took me to Emergycare and then they found out there that they had a reason to take me by ambulance to Saint Vincent, Lisa says. “I had no idea what was going on. They were just scanning my chest and asking me weird questions.”

Doctors found an overwhelming amount of blood clots in her lungs. She was also fighting a handful of other diseases like type two diabetes and sleep apnea that come with being overweight.

“They had said that maybe one in 1000 people survive the magnitude of what I had, and they said I probably at age 31, which is how old I was at the time, I would have laid down in bed to go to sleep that night, and my husband probably would’ve found a deceased that night. “

Right then and there, Lisa decided to make some changes. Now, seven years later, she’s lost 155 pounds. Her mindset is “I will never try to start this over ever again.”

Lisa now meal preps and watches what she eats. She works out five days a week in the school fitness center with other teachers. She says Villa is the reason that she is still alive.

Lisa wants to help others facing the same struggles. Her story is now traveling the world thanks to an article on a national site:

“I’m hoping to inspire people no matter what size they are to live a healthy lifestyle and engage in healthy things,” Lisa says. “I would say make the smallest change that you think you can make and go from there.”

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