Fifteen local women are involved in the launching of a book for women over the age of 60 where encouragement and empowerment are the main focus.

A digital book called “20 Lives Ignited” is being launched by the Coffee Club Divas Book Club.

The book consists of 20 women telling their stories about circumstances they have overcome while empowering women over the age of 60 to go after their goals.

One author of the book let us in on what women can expect while reading her chapter of the book.

“Allow yourself to shine, that so many women give up, they have this dream inside of them and they say ‘oh I’m too old I can’t do that.’ You can do that and we as the 20 women who are authors truly just want to inspire other women to play bigger and to be truly all that they can be,” said Heidi Parrkerner, Founder of Coffee Club Divas.

The digital book is expected to launch on Wednesday, June 29.

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