The Erie Zoo is closed for the winter season, however representatives say there are still ways to help out. 

Each year the Erie Zoo closes during the colder months, which gives employees time to make some changes and get ready for the season ahead.

Staff from the Erie Zoo say renovations to the Otters exhibit will begin soon.

Staff says when they reopen in March, the public will likely meet some new animals. There will also be opportunities to plan private events at the zoo during their operational months.

“Even though the grounds are closed, we are still pretty active this time of year. Make sure to still follow along and help support us throughout the winter months. We still have all of those animals to care for, all of your friends. We will also try to share as much content as we can while we’re closed so you can get your fill of your animal friends on our social media pages,” said Emily Smicker, marketing & event coordinator, Erie Zoo.

The Erie Zoo will reopen March 1, 2023.