In honor of Earth, Endangered Species and World Oceans Day, The Erie Zoo hosted an AZA’s party for the planet to celebrate and raise awareness.

During the event, the zoo debuted a new interactive experience.

The Amazing Butterfly Experience is now open on the front lawn of the park. It’s a walk-through tent that holds up to 12 difference butterfly species including red monarchs and painted ladies.

The butterflies are from ‘Once Upon a Butterfly’ and is sponsored by Erie Insurance. During the experience, zoo lovers are able to interact and feed the butterflies with feeding sticks.

“They will dip it in the nectar and all of our guest can go around and literally feed the butterflies. Which they’re getting a lot of fun out of doing that,” said Diane Bestvina, alongside Robert Caute, docents for the Erie Zoo.

The tent will be at the zoo through the end of august and will take donations for butterfly conservation efforts.