“Healthy Zoo, Healthy You.” That’s the name of the Erie Zoo’s latest event held Saturday encouraging youth to make healthy decisions.

These decisions focus not only on human health, but also the health of the environment and of the animals that live at the zoo.

Many family-friendly activities took place throughout the day including yoga, Zumba, educational sessions with animal keepers and vets, as well as a DJ who encouraged those entering the park to get active with the music.

“Being healthy is extremely important, it is what gives us life. It is what gives our environment life, as well to give us a home to live in, to give our animals a place to live in, and it gives us time with our families and friends and to make an impact on our community and our world,” Emily Smickers, marketing and event coordinator at Erie Zoo.

The zoo hopes that people will walk away from this event with a better understanding of how to be healthy as an individual and by looking after the environment.