ErieBank Sports Park has two new ice arenas

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“It was kind of challenging, but it was still fun,” said Abby Daughenbauth.

Eight-year-old Abby is one of the many kids who got a chance to practice hockey on Monday night at the new ice rink at ErieBank Sports Park.

“It’s nice coming to a small town city like Erie and be involved with the kids like this,” said Dan Beardman, Abby’s grandfather. “It’s great to see. ” Beardman says he and his family use to travel outside of Erie to go to ice rinks. Now, he says they don’t have to go far to have fun on the ice.”The old ice rinks were always broken down and hard to get to and crowded,” said Beardman. “This is a God send.”

Before this area was an ice rink, it was an indoor soccer field and some people say they came back then and they will continue to come now.

“But it’s just weird to see that there’s two ice arenas here and I was five running around playing indoor soccer here, getting scuffed up,” said Lauren Campbell. Campbell is the assistant coach for the Junior Otters for Girls. She says although the two ice arenas are a major change, she’s grateful to have them.

“So, it’s nice to see that people are getting together for this team and we’re going to be able to have home games here and just travel,” said Campbell. “We’re going to be in a league in Pittsburgh, so it’ll be nice to be close to home.”

Meanwhile, Dan Beardman says he will even break out his ice skates to try out the new arenas. There will be public skating at the ErieBank Sport Park this Friday, September 14th from 8-10pm. 

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