ErieCPR says they’ll continue to fight for East-siders’ voices to be heard

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The McBride Viaduct may be long gone, but the group that’s best known for trying to save the bridge says their work isn’t done just yet. 

Erie CPR President Adam Trott explaining that City Hall’s choice to demolish the bridge, despite an ongoing court case, proves once more how little the city listens to east Erie residents. Trott says their lawsuit against the city covered more than just the bridge, but rather the seemingly corrupt decision-making process behind the issue. 

Trott says they’ve appealed to the courts again to prevent decisions by the city from excluding the residents those decisions effect most.

 Adam Trott, ErieCPR president says of Erie City Council, “Their deliberate indifference and their intentional discrimination to the East side, it cannot keep going on.  The east side could recover if they just got a little support from City Hall.  And that’s what we’re fighting for.”   

The McBride Viaduct is what brought the group into the public eye.  But now that that battle has essentially been lost, they say they’ll continue to fight back against the leaders of the city to help turn east side neighborhoods around.

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