Customers of Tops Friendly Markets in Erie are reacting to a store preparing to close its doors at the end of this month.

The lease of the West 26th Street store is reportedly ending this summer and the company has decided not to renew the lease due to its proximity to other locations in Erie.

One customer is already planning ahead to where she will purchase her groceries.

“Probably like Aldi’s or Wegman’s. We go all over the place,” said Amelia Eagley, Tops Friendly Markets customer.

Kathleen Sautter, the director of corporate communications and public relations for Tops Friendly Markets, said a fuel station will open at the end of June at their West 38th Street location.

She added customers who are existing fuel customers at their East 38th Street location will still have the convenience of fuel with the new addition.

Although fuel will still be available for customers, Eagley said the lack of affordable grocery shopping available in the area could impact Erie’s senior community.

“Yeah I think that’ll definitely be hard, especially for the people who live over there. I see a lot of them walking over here so I think that’ll definitely be difficult for them trying to find somewhere accessible because there’s like the Whole Foods co-op, but that’s kind of expensive for lower income,” said Eagley.

One shopper from Millcreek said she even goes out of her way to visit the friendly pharmacy staff.

“I’ll have to actually get a pharmacy that’s a little bit closer to home I guess,” said Tania Rodriguez, Tops Friendly Markets customer.

She added the pleasant experience from the staff is what continued to bring her back to the West 26th Street Tops Friendly Market.

“I chose this because of the pharmacist here because they’re really good. I love the pharmacist here that’s why I chose them because they’re such a good staff. Now I have to get new ones, so I’m really sad about that because they’re awesome,” Rodriguez said.

The store is set to close at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 23.