Erie’s African American leaders announce support for Clinton

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Erie’s African American leaders announced their support for Hillary Clinton on Friday. 

“We will lose everything voting for Donald Trump,” Erie’s Democratic party chairman Bill Cole said.

Leaders said they want to ensure a president is elected that has the black community’s best interest at heart and they say that’s Clinton.

Clinton supporters say Trump’s policies and procedures don’t support the social programs that the Erie community needs and desperately wants.

They said Trump’s proposals would give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to wealthy people.

“Donald Trump has said over and over again negative things about immigrants and people who are not like him and that is a deep concern for people in the African-American community,” Pastor James Keaton said. “We know that we have to work together for someone who will get elected who will help us and not hinder us.”

Keaton said we don’t need the doom and gloom of Trump, but instead somebody who knows how to bring America together.

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