Erie’s Innovation District to move into Velocity Network headquarters

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The Velocity Network and the Innovation District are joining forces like never before. 

After a few years working in an Erie Insurance property, the Erie Innovation District is packing up and moving into a new space.  It’s a location the CEO says encourages development in a high-tech environment. 

Experts say the path to making Erie a so-called ‘Smart City’ in some ways starts here, in the new Velocity Network headquarters on West 10th Street.  

Thursday morning, officials announced the Erie Innovation District, led by Mercyhurst University, will be moving in.

Karl Sanchack, Erie Innovation District President and CEO, says, “We have exactly what an innovation district should have, which, proximity between anchor companies, with start-ups and universities; this is a wonderful spot. And frankly, represents a gold standard for what we want to try and do.” 

The CEO of Velocity Net says this collaboration is the perfect example of where Erie is headed in becoming a destination in the cyber industry.

Joel Deuterman, Velocity Network President and CEO, says, “Knowledge workers are the future of any thriving economy and for Erie to attract and retain that type of workforce, we absolutely have to have these types of facilities.” 

Advocates tell us the partnership is about more than just the two organizations.  It’s about a movement that is progressing faster than ever before. 

Sanchack says, “You don’t get outside companies putting together ventured 10 to 15 million. You don’t see five-million going into minority start-up businesses. If you don’t think something spectacular is happening, and frankly it is happening, and we like to think that we’re a piece of that.” 

Deuterman says, “Literally, in a year, we’ve seen probably ten years worth of work. That momentum is already started. That is all we need to do, is keep the momentum going.”

The Innovation District’s move supports the organization’s original intention to create a physical footprint between 7th and 13th streets, Sassafras to French. 

Move-in day is set for December 17th.

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