Erie’s Public School District is preparing for a major three year renovation project

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Erie’s Public School District is preparing for another major construction project scheduled to start on Monday, June 10th. The project has been in the works since the 2017-2018 school year.

Starting Monday, the school district parking lots are going to see a lot of vehicles and not because of students. The district is starting phase one of a phase three construction projects. The project will cost the EPSD $80.7-million. Some of the renovations include Wilson middle and Harden elementary, both will get a new roof and brick repointing.
Mckinley and Lincoln will see renovated parking lots. Erie High, Lincoln and Edison will receive new emergency generators. One major renovation happening is at veterans stadium.

“We’re redoing all of the concrete,” said Erie’s Public School District Director of Operations Neil Brockman.”Restoring it so that looks good and is safe for everybody.”

These improvements have been in the works since the 2017-2018 school year according to Brockman. The district has been working closely with HHSDR Architect to develop the plan. Contracts for the bids started at the beginning of the year. The project will start on Monday and run through the summer and continue through academic school year for phase one of the project.

Brockman say the renovations are being done focus around the concept of “Warm, Safe and Dry.”

“The timing was right for us to start the work,” said Brockman. ” All of the renovations again are to make the schools warm, safe, and dry, so that when the kids come to school you notice it. It’s not necessarily the flashest of renovations, but they will make the buildings better. “

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