Erie’s Tunnels Explored

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Many local residents know about the tunnels connecting much of the downtown area. 
    Until recently, it was virtually impossible to go into the tunnels, that is, until the staff of the Brewerie at Union Station began hosting “Haunted History Tours”.  
Dark hallways, flooded corridors, forgotten fixtures and well… even an old shoe.  These are just some of the things you’ll find below Union Station.
    These tunnels used to be part of an underground network that connected much of Erie long ago.  Now, twice a year, staff from the Brewerie at Union Station organize “Haunted History Tours” reliving parts of the historic building’s past that dates back to 1865.
    Many of the tunnels used rails to transport items quickly and easily around the city. Many who come along for the tour have only heard stories about these legendary tunnels.  It’s hard to imagine the hustle and bustle these walls once saw.  But one thing that’s certain is that there is a high demand for the chance to see what lies beneath….
   Tour sells out quick, despite their growing capacity.

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