Evicted residents at Granada getting help finding new homes

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ERIE, Pa. — Evicted residents at Granada Apartments have just 48 hours to move out with their safety and security at risk.

But they don’t have to do it alone.

A team is working to help them every step of the way.

The Erie County Home Team is made up of dozens of organizations like GECAC, Erie County Care Management and Erie United Methodist Alliance.

They are helping every Granada resident who needs them from temporary living arrangements to finding a permanent home.

The Home Team was available Thursday for the residents of 1690 Treetop Drive who were told Wednesday that their apartment building was condemned.

The good news is that these residents are getting their security deposit and half of the month’s rent back, according to management.

The bad news is, they need a new place to live.

Some are choosing to move into other Granada apartments.

Others want out of the complex altogether.

“I don’t mind moving,” Brenda Brady said. “But it is quite an upset trying to get everything packed. I have everything pretty well packed, but now it’s the uncertainty of where I’m going.”

Meanwhile, temporary living situations are being arranged.

If the residents don’t have a family member or friends to stay with until they secure a new home, the Home Team is placing them in shelters.

“It is horrible,” James Walsh said. “For anyone to have to uproot in just a couple of hours, it’s horrendous.”

Residents said they are helpful for the assistance, they are just ready for this to all be over with.

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