Examining PA Candidates: Ron DiNicola, 16th Congressional Seat

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With the mid-term election tonight, we continue to take a closer look at the candidates running for office.  In the race for the 16th Congressional seat, Democrat Ron DiNicola is running against Incumbent Mike Kelly. 

DiNicola is an Erie native, known for being active in the community and working as a high-profile attorney. 

“I grew up in an immigrant family; we had to work hard for what we needed.  I know what it’s like to be challenged economically; to have conditions that are not ideal, overcome those.  I value education opportunities because I had them.”

Those opportunities including serving the country as a marine, then attending Harvard University and then Georgetown Law.  

DiNicola ran for Congress unsuccessfully back in 1994.  This time around, he decided to try again when the courts realigned the districts.  “With the reformation of the district by the court, it made sense to run again to give the people of the district representation in the national government.”

With a lifetime dedicated to public service in the area, including the campaign to expand pre-k and efforts to bring a community college to Erie, DiNicola wants to use the same drive if elected. 

“My views about what we need to do in order to get the federal government back on the side of working families in the middle class and of our region, fighting for sustainability for our town’s police; needs to be more aligned with the needs of the region, the district, and the people.”

We have been asking all candidates involved in the upcoming election the same five questions.  Here are DiNicola’s answers to those questions:

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