Comics, Legos, trading cards, cosplay — all the fun returns to the Bayfront Convention Center for the annual Erie Comicon.

Crews were busy getting set up Thursday for the always popular and profitable event.

The fun kicks off Friday, but you could already feel and see the excitement brewing for the 7th annual event, and they have expanded quite a bit.

From trading cards, to celebrity guests, Comicon returns to Erie, PA. One new addition and expansion is the Lego user groups where they put all their creations on display.

“Well, this year that has expanded into the ball room, it takes one full room. It’s a great event, a whole bunch of venders that are offering pop culture, comic books, nostalgic toys and games,” said Mark Concilla of Erie Promotions.

There are also 11 celebrities that will be there to sign autographs, this includes some of the original Power Rangers.

“Comicon kind of gives people the opportunity to kind of relive their childhood. They will come in and see toys that they use to play with, and a lot of collectors come in because they may be collecting specific things,” Concilla said.

Comicon also brings in money to the community.

“This type of event benefits the community quite a bit because its an opportunity to bring in a lot of regional smaller business together gives them a chance to promote their business and sell their wares,” Concilla explained.

One of those regional businesses is “In The Zone Gaming” in Ashtabula.

“It’s just cool to meet a lot of new people that are not in our local community and kind of show them what we do. A lot of people come out to see us in Ashtabula after they see us here. It’s just a big celebration and a fun weekend,” said Chris Panzone of In The Zone Gaming.

Doors open Friday at 2 p.m. with the event running until 7 p.m. It concludes Sunday, running from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.