Representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection say Lake Erie will likely produce unpleasant smells this weekend.

Experts say the source of the odor many reported last week was in fact Lake Erie. Dr. James Grazio from the DEP explained there are three different basins that makeup Lake Erie.

Additionally, there was a release of gases as a result of an upwelling of low-oxygen water as the basins mixed.

Dr. Grazio added it was unclear at the time whether last week’s odor was the result of stratification which occurs at the end of the season.

However, after collaborating with experts in Ohio and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) they expect the seasonal overturn to take place this weekend.

“As the cold winds blow across the lake and cool that warm upper layer, that’s enough to drive that mixing, that natural turnover that occurs every fall, and it’s more likely than not that that event is going to occur this weekend,” said Dr. Grazio.

Experts say while these odors are noticeable and pungent they are not harmful so the public should not be concerned.