Experience Children’s Museum Review

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The Experience Children’s Museum is under peer review from a “Children’s Museum Specialist” this week.

Today, the museum hosted its annual meeting in conjunction with the museum’s “assessment visit” to update supporters on the museum’s current strategic plan, as well as plans for the future.

The specialist, the CEO of a children’s museum in Pasadena, California, tells us Erie’s Chidren’s Museum is on the right track and could be looking at major growth in the future.

Michael Shanklin, CEO of Kidspace, says, “I think there is this real excitement on what the future holds in the community and knowing what a crucial role children’s museums play in the development; not only economic but cultural, it’s a really exciting time for the museum”.

The Children’s Museum will now embark on creating a feasibility study on what new projects can be implemented in the near future.

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