Experts advise learning CPR to save a life following the drowning death of a toddler

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The tragedy of the drowning child is prompting healthcare providers and trained CPR experts to respond.

We spoke with experts while getting the advice you need to know when it comes to a situation of saving a life.

This was a tragic incident that happened to this family who is obviously grieving for the loss of their child.

Experts say that everyone would need to be mindful when leaving a child unattended near water.

The clear blue water can be tempting, but it can also be dangerous.

A child who can’t swim can drown in just twenty seconds. Medical experts at UPMC Hamot say it takes two minutes of CPR to save a child’s life.

“One hand is going to be sufficient and using the heel of your right hand in the center of the child’s chest and pushing hard and pushing fast,” said Joseph Radachy, Emergency Physician at UPMC Hamot.

Radachy said if in a situation to save an infant, one must use two fingers for chest compressions. He said that with chest compressions, you are moving enough air in and out of the child’s lungs in order to have oxygen flow to the brain.

Tammy Roche with the YMCA said that being certified can help you save a life.

“You learn about different scenarios which accidents may happen and whether CPR is needed because of a drowning or because something might be lodged in a child’s throat,” said Tammy Roche, CPR Certified.

Roche said that children are more resilient than adults and their chances of survival are much higher if you begin CPR immediately.

Radachy said that when someone, especially a child, is drowning the only thing they’re grasping for is what we all live by, oxygen.

“You know you’re just not getting any air because it’s just fluid and water in the lungs supposed to air,” said Radachy.

Roche advises to get a CPR certification as she said it will prepare you to save someone’s life.

For a CPR certificate you can either take a course from the Red Cross website, or find a course on the YMCA’s website.

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