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Apple announces they’re shutting down parts of a popular app after a glitch in their software raises privacy concerns.

Facetime has become a part of many iPhone users’ lives.  The app facilitates free video calls between Apple and iPhone users.  But, earlier today, Apple announced a major glitch in the 12.1 IOS update after an online video exploiting the problem went viral.

Brian Sheridan, Co-Chair of Mercyhurst Communications Department, says, “It’s a glitch in the software that allows users to hear your conversation that’s going on before they accept the FaceTime invite.”

Sheridan says that small software glitches are common in our fast-paced technological culture. “The truth of the matter with any kind of app or technology… nothing is 100% tested before it’s released to the public.  If we had to wait for that, we would never get anything.”

He says users of virtually all new technology act as beta testers on a regular basis. “And people who use the product find the glitches.  And in some cases they’re small.  In this case, they’re pretty serious.”

Sheridan tells us that although the app is currently shut down, Apple is working quickly to fix the problem.

“The good news is that Apple takes these issues very seriously.  Tim Cook has spoken out for privacy, and that’s one thing that Apple users count on.  So, they shut down the app when this glitch was called to their attention and they’ll fix it in another update.”

Apple has not released a date for the new software update, but some experts say you should go into your settings and disable the app until the problem is resolved.

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