The holiday season is just upon us, with Thanksgiving less than a week away, you can expect the roads and skies to be packed with travelers. 

AAA saying if your Thanksgiving plans include seeing family and friends, you can also expect to see more company on the roadway.  

Higher gas prices are not keeping holiday travelers home this year.  AAA is projecting it will be the most traveled Thanksgiving since 2005.  They’re saying about 1.5 million travelers from the state of Pennsylvania will hit the roads starting as early as the Monday before Thanksgiving. 

Public Relations Manager for AAA, Jim Garrity, says, “We’re expecting to rescue nearly 360,000 people nationwide, which is a lot of motorists. A lot of the times we’re going to get called out for things that are maybe not so preventable.”

The top three calls will be dead, flat tires, dead batteries, and lockouts.  Incidents you can prevent by making sure you have the right tires on your vehicles and that they have enough air, and by testing your battery. 

It’s not just on roadways where travelers will be seeing congestion; it’s also in the skies. We’re seeing historically low airfares.  Right now, 5% lower than they were at this time last year. 

Lisa Cappabianca, Owner of Cappabianca Travel Agency, says, “It’s not a surprise that we are on track to see another record-setting year for air travel. We are expecting 30 million people to take to the skies this Thanksgiving, alone.”

Once the holidays are over, travel season will really peak.  Cappabianca says, “Historically speaking, January is when it all hits. You know, people are ready to book and make their plans and sort of escape down south and get some warm weather.”

Most popular are the all-inclusive vacations to Punta Cana and Mexico as well as cruises.  Lisa advises travelers to book early.  

The PA Turnpike projecting for the turnpike, specifically, 3.7 million cars and trucks will be on the roads between Tuesday, the 20th and Sunday, the 25th. 

The least-traveled day?  Thanksgiving.