The cold weather brings a long list of safety issues, out on the road and even right in your home.

Space heaters are notorious for their dangers if they are not used the right way. One way to avoid those dangers is to just plug it right into the wall.

“Especially don’t ever use light duty extension cords like the little brown ones or the white ones you see at Christmas time that everybody uses to plug Christmas lights into. We have a big problem with those failing,” said Donald Sauer, City of Erie Fire Department.

Also, you should keep the space heater away from anything that could catch fire. Sauer says if you are heating your house, try to have a carbon monoxide detector.

“Your furnace or your hot water heater can produce carbon monoxide and that can cause a problem if there is a leak in there, in your house,” Sauer said.

Definitely don’t use your oven to heat your home either. Gas ovens can produce carbon monoxide.

“That will fill your house. You won’t smell it and you won’t know it is there, but they call carbon monoxide the silent killer. If you are heating your house with a stove, especially a gas stove, it could produce enough carbon monoxide that you would be overcome and pass out. Worse off than that is, obviously, death,” Sauer said.

Out on the road, make sure your wiper blades are not frozen to your windshield.

“Because that will ruin your wiper blades and your motors and your transmission on the wiper motors as well,” said Ryan Martin, Monro Auto Service and Tire Center.

You do not want to get stranded out on the road because your car battery died.

“With the cold temperatures dropping, car batteries take a lot more power to start. With the cold cranking amps, which is the output it starts at a cold start, they lower and wear out the batteries,” Martin said.

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Martin adds you always want to have good treaded tires, especially in the snow. Some good things to remember to keep in your vehicle include a snow brush, ice scraper, flashlights, and an extra pair of gloves.