Exploring changes in parenthood due to COVID-19 pandemic

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Becoming a parent can bring all sorts of emotions to people especially in a world of uncertainty.

Some parents say to expect the unexpected with parenthood, especially these days.

Sharing pictures and virtual visits is how most are seeing newborns. But, for new parents, not having family around can be difficult.

“We don’t have visitors, so there is no one really to come over and help take over some of the responsibility. It’s been constant 24 hour around the clock care.” said Ashlee Skrzenski.

COVID-19 is leading to a change of medicine for families.

“He had a rash on his face and, typically, you just call your doctor and go in for an appointment, but for us, it was a little more difficult. It was a back and forth conversation through messaging and then we ended up eventually doing a video chat.” said Jamie Tech.

Tele-medicine is helping parents ask the questions they may normally put on hold.

“To not only see a child, but to see the mother and for the mother and father to see us. We then can provide so much information that, in the past, parents felt they could not take the time to ask the doctor.” said Dr. Joe Barber, a pediatrician.

Staff members are talking to expectant moms so there are fewer surprises. Doctors even explaining what would happen if the mother has an expected case of COVID-19.

They would isolate you and you would have to wear a mask around your newborn and they would also you have limited time with your newborn.” said Anna Ashcraft.

Once visitors are allowed again, some mothers will enter their own phases.

“It’s going to be a very slow move of family coming over and staying six feet away, visiting but not holding and working our way back into that.” Tech said.

The mothers and mother-to-be went on to explain something that has helped them through this time is different medical websites.

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