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NORTH EAST, Pa. — Leaping and flying, extreme sports athletes put on a show at Lake Erie Speedway.

“I think they’re crazy!” said Erie resident Jennifer Resta. “ I’m just saying, but I think it’s awesome.”

Warren resident Dave Sheldon said, “I love watching Nitro Circus on tv. We’d watch it together. So, I brought him and my daughter and my wife out.”

Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live attracted thousands of fans who watched nearly 30 performers.

The showcased sports ranged “anywhere from freestyle motocross to BMX, scooter, skateboarding, inline; and then, we have all of our crazy contraptions,” according to Ricky Melnik, athlete manager at Nitro Circus.

Those daring performances, which included rolling down the 40-foot Giganta Ramp, prove to the world what is possible.

“For us to be able to share our passion and get new kids. It’s pretty inspiring,” said Melnik.

The entertaining stunts are extreme, but the professional performers said they have years of experience.

Athlete Mike Mason performs freestyle motocross (FMX).

He said, “It just kind of progressed. I was messing around outside of my house, taking a foot off, taking a hand off, and here we are 30-plus years later and we’re doing backflips and all kinds of crazy stuff on motorcycles.”

Athlete Todd Meyn rides a BMX and other contraptions.

“Just everyday at the skatepark and one thing led to another. I came to America and pursued my dreams,” said Meyn.

The performers have just as much fun as the audience.

“We’re all a family. And that’s probably one of the best parts is you get to travel around, put on a show in front of thousands of people and ride your dirt bike and make a little bit of money, and hang out with your friends. I mean, you can’t beat that,” said Mason.

Nitro Circus tours internationally. The visit to North East is one of 25 stops in North America.

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