Facebook poll: Merski, Breneman top two vote-getters for Erie’s next mayor

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A Facebook poll sheds some light on the competitive mayoral race in Erie.

With a long list of candidates on this year’s ballot, we wanted to know who you think may be taking an early lead.

A Facebook poll created by JET 24 reporter Jess Doudrick asked Facebook users who they support as Erie’s next mayor.

More than 1,000 people responded. And this is what they said.

Democrat and City councilman Bob Merski received 52.5 percent of the votes, more than all of the other candidates combined. County Council president Jay Breneman came in second with more than 23 percent of the vote. Joe Schember took third.

Political analysts said there are many things that skew the results of this poll. Anyone could vote in the poll, even if they live outside of the city, and the numbers don’t represent non-Facebook users.

Mercyhurst professor Joseph Morris said what this poll does show is who has passionate voters and a strong Facebook presence. And in an election that has traditionally low turnout, it’s the passionate voters that show up on election day.

“Even though this poll might not be scientific, it may not accurately predict the populations attitude on the candidate,” Morris said. “It nevertheless is an indication if the candidate so wishes to explain that there’s a lot of interest in their campaign.”

Note: Steve Franklin, who announced his run for mayor on Tuesday, was not included in this poll. The poll closed before he announced. 

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