Facebook turns 15 today

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A social media giant that started in a Harvard dorm room turns 15 today.

Facebook has billions of users, and it’s managed to maintain its popularity for more than a decade.  

Originally called ‘The Face Book,’ the social media platform is known as the world’s largest social networking service.

Mark Zuckerberg launched the website in 2004.  The goal of the site was to bring people closer together.  And now, at the tips of our fingertips, we are able to friend request our neighbors, relatives, and peek into the lives of our acquaintances.

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s possible you have used Facebook in your life or know someone who has.  

In recent years, Facebook has added a marketplace, friend suggestions, reactions to status updates, and messenger. It’s a source of news and entertainment, a place to launch your business, and offers groups that pertain to your interests.

Digital Media Strategist Sam Hilton tells us, “Facebook isn’t going anywhere; they’ve had $66 billion dollars in revenue last year, alone. there gonna stay in the status quo and, as long as they stay out of trouble, they should be able to keep on rocking.”

So, as you’re posting today, think of the team who has kept us connected for over a decade.

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