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This morning, Jill McCormick continues to take a closer look at what you can do if you’re ‘Facing 50’.  

When she went to Rejuv to check on Botox, a doctor said a lot of her issues could have to do with food and introduced her to Nora and Allison. 

This isn’t a trendy way to lose weight, it’s a smart way.  No fads, no gimmicks, just working on a healthy approach to eating. 

Nora says it’s possible to change at 50 and to improve your nutritional intake.  “Absolutely… sometimes we kind of think as life changes it’s inevitable that we cant do anything about it, but eating healthy, being more active, those things are great for making us feel better at any age.”

Nora McCann is a Dietitian at Rejuv.  She works with anyone who is looking to make a change; working on meal plans, holding clients accountable, teaching me how to watch what I eat and make better choices. 

She says, “we all struggle with this. I’m a dietitian; it’s my job.  Food is hard and sometimes we need help from other people, someone who is an expert, so this is a place of no-judgment”.

Nora isn’t the only expert on nutrition and diet.  Along with Dr. Michelle Polon, Allison Price is on staff and her approach is holistic and unique to Rejuv in Erie.

Allison says, “I do a physical assessment, in-depth naturopathic questionnaire, and then I will print up a whole, individualized report for [the client] and we go over and I suggest foods to add nutrition values of exercise and maybe a supplement”.

The physical assessment isn’t about weighing and measuring; it’s about reflexology.  Allison says, “we do a lot of physical assessments and we use reflexology in the eye, the tongue, and the feet ’cause different parts correlate with different parts of the body”.

The report is impressive; pages of issues found from her simple examination, finding things about me that I knew about and didn’t say.  The report even pinpointed other areas I had no idea I needed to work on.

Allison says, “you can diet so much and still not feel better and there is still that one component missing out of your health plan that you might need and that I can dig deeper to find”.

And, if they can’t find it, Nora and Allison, along with Dr. Polon, will work together to find the best plan of action.

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