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This morning, we begin a journey towards fitness, inside and out.  Jill McCormick shows us what she is taking on as she is ‘Facing 50’. 

Today, we start at the gym.  Forget the divorce diet; instead, I used the chance to eat what I wanted, when I wanted.  I couldn’t be bothered with the gym, either; too many shows to watch on the DVR.  But, as I face 50 I decided; enough.  That’s when I called Matt Probonic for help.

Probonic says, “what we like to do on DAT is give you easy steps to follow to get you results starting now”.

We weighed in, took measurements, calculated body fat and came up with a plan.  

  • Matt:  “Now, if you weighed 136.3 pounds would that make you happy?”
  • Jill:  “Yes.”
  • Matt:  “Do you feel that’s a weight you would feel comfortable?”
  • Jill:  “I think it’s attainable (turns and smiles).”

The plan?  Level Red Boxing, Matt suggested five times a week. “Everybody, no matter where you’re at or starting with, your fitness path; you can do Level Red Boxing.”

My one-month goal was to go down eight pounds.  

“So, week one of ‘Facing 50’ we have a plan in place here at Level Red Boxing.  I’m ready to take a class for the first time and we’ll see how it goes…”

Jillian Gentile of Level Red says, “the boxing part is a feasible way to get people in here and get active as a way to work one-on-one individually with themselves, and you can kind of gear your workout by making it simpler if you have to or making it harder if you want some days”.

In my third week now of doing level red boxing; loving this noon class because even the Frugal Fashionista comes to this one… [Time] to step up my game and try the 60 minute one; that’s next!”

The 60-minute class gets the heart rate going, an important aspect when it comes to getting in shape, especially when ‘Facing 50’.   The ‘My Zone Monitor’ makes it easy to see if you’re meeting your goals. 

Jillian explains, “we’re trying to shoot your heart rate up as high as you can; giving you rest periods in between.  By doing that, you’re strengthening your heart and giving yourself an opportunity to burn calories and promote weight loss throughout the day”.

Now time for the one-month check-in with Matt.  I lost 11 pounds and my body fat went down 7%!

“Think about if you’d come in 15 more times, how much more you could’ve lost.  You could be in the 15, 16, 17, 18-pound area, so I think this is encouraging for people at home to know you don’t have to be perfect.  You can lose a lot of weight getting into something moderate.”

Tomorrow, Jill hits the Med Spa, going under the laser and needles as she checks out some quick fixes to a more youthful glow. 

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