After several weeks of the Fairview School Board handling undisclosed personnel issues within the district, its superintendent is stepping down.

Monday night, the board accepted Dr. Erik Kincaid’s resignation and bypassed the standard six-month notice.

Dr. Kincaid’s final day as superintendent will be Oct. 31, then the district will start its search for potential candidates.

This comes after an undisclosed issue involving Dr. Kincaid that’s being called a distraction for students, teachers, parents and the school board by Fairview residents.

“We need to turn the page and we’re aware that there are many rumors and allegations circulating over the past several months about the personnel issues with the district. Given this is a personnel matter, the school board by law is not at liberty to comment any further,” said Jim Lyons, the Fairview School Board president.

Kincaid was under contract with the district until 2025, but now the board has accepted his resignation, which is effective at the end of the month.

“Under his employment contract, he was obligated, if he wanted to retire, to give the board a six-month notice,” said George Joseph, a Fairview School District solicitor.

Many residents speculated Kincaid would still receive a pension, amongst other benefits, under this resignation. When asked if that was the case, the board’s solicitor said it was a question for the public school employees’ retirement system.

Many Fairview residents, taxpayers and parents have really been questioning the leadership of the board.

“When you are stifled from information, clear up-to-date information, it perpetuates talk,” said Jill Wallace, a Fairview resident and taxpayer.

“You have people that have been frustrated and been emailing you and trying to talk to you and we’ve all seen you guys brush things under the rug,” said another concerned resident.

As for the rumors surrounding Kincaid, residents say they’d rather stick to the facts.

“I think a lot of people know what those are, and the way this person is able to just leave and have no accountability or transparency at this juncture is frustrating,” said Wallace.

The board will look to potentially appoint former superintendent of Fairview, Larry Kessler, as interim superintendent while they look to fill the position.