Families and visitors upset about the litter harming Presque Isle State Park

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Many people are enjoying family time at Presque Isle beaches. However, some people are leaving behind trash which is causing concern to other visitors and residents.

Presque Isle State Park released a post today that shows the aftermath of not cleaning up the mess before leaving the park.

We spoke to families at Presque Isle who are not only upset about the litter harming the park, but also want a resolution to the problem.

This is the Facebook post that Presque Isle State Park released showing plastic bottles, cardboard, and other trash left behind at Beach 9.

The post is urging people to “leave no trace” when you visit Presque Isle.

It’s scenes like this that have people frustrated, in this case it is trash where kids are trying to play in the sand.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to clean up after themselves. It’s every individuals responsibility. You can’t have someone else clean it up for you like how you wash your own hands. Just clean up after yourself,” said Mikhai Wilson, Visiting Erie.

“It happens a lot. I don’t like it because you have to keep the beaches nice and clean. A lot of tourists come down here to visit and you want to make sure it looks nice for everybody. It’s just a shame that it happens,” said Matt Zimmerman, Erie Resident.

It’s trash along the beaches that people say is harmful to Lake Erie and Presque Isle State Park.

“I absolutely appreciate that we have a beach to go to and I hate when I come here and see trash because we have something so beautiful and we should take care of it,” said Kim Walker, Erie Resident.

Meanwhile, families we spoke with said that doing the right thing is pretty simple and takes a minimal amount of planning.

“I would say bring a bag for it because we ended up putting some back in the grocery bag that we put snacks in and it would have been nice to put bags in,” said Shannon Wiszomierski, Visiting Erie.

“And maybe bring an extra bag for recyclables if you have that too,” said Dan Wiszomierski, Visiting Erie.

We reached out to the Presque Isle State Park about the post and the litter. Park officials responded that they will be able to discuss this more with us tomorrow.

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