Families got the opportunity take part in close up, hands-on demonstrations and experiences.

Children were encouraged to enjoy activities while parents we’re able to find information on how to plan a fun, safe summer for the whole family.

“Summer safety’s a really important thing we know the kids are right now on summer vacation and their enjoying it, so we figured were going to keep them safe this summer show parents and kids how to remain safe and have a little fun while they’re doing it,” said State Representative Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie).

A train ride, archery demonstrations and a ‘touch a truck’ section were all activities to bring people out on a nice summer day.

State Representative Ryan Bizzarro held a free kid’s summer expo. Families were invited to learn how to kick off summer in safe way.

Susan Prichard, the constituent liaison, told us that when planning the expo, the office took safety in a broader direction.

“We have safety in regard to finance of new activities to keep you busy and out of trouble and safety for parents in case their having some issues and they need resource,” Prichard said.

Prichard also said it’s important to not overlook awareness of safety.

“Getting to know the EMS, first responders, even all the way to PennDOT so you’re not afraid when you see road construction, even a snowplow when you’re waiting for the school bus,” she said.

“This is the first on its kind,” Bizzarro said. “I think anytime you can get your family together in the summer and have something where you’re all bonding with each other and I always recommend families go do that.”

More than 20 organizations participated and provided information about educational, recreational, healthy resources and community services.

“Very grateful that so many organizations found it so important from a safety perspective and stepped up to be here to help us make the event a success,” Prichard went on to say.

Representative Bizzarro said that based on Saturday, they probably will be bringing this event back next year.