The Downtown Erie Fall Fest took place Sunday. Organizers said it’s nearly doubled in size since last year as families and kids dressed up for Halloween to experience everything Perry Square has to offer.

Sunday was the fifth annual Downtown Erie Fall Fest, but this is the first time it’s been held in Perry Square.

“Last year it was getting just a little too big for Griswold Park and it’s a good thing that we put it here because we had almost twice as many vendors as last year, music all day, magic shows, we’re able to accommodate a ton more of activities and Perry Square is a perfect place to do it,” said Dave Tamulonis, events and marketing manager for the Erie Downtown Partnership.

There was a little bit of something for everyone to do. Kids walked around in their costumes trick-or-treating, paint pumpkins, have their face painted, hop around and have a sack race, and more.

Kellar’s Magic and Comedy Club was on hand as well drawing huge crowds and making people dumbfounded with their tricks.

“Magic is always like a mystery art. The whole thing is secret, cloak and dagger and that sort of thing. When you have it at halloween time, there’s a chill in there air, it’s really tough to explain but it just fits. Trick-or-treat, right? Here we are doing magic, that’s the trick. And the treat is if you laugh and you like it,” said Michael Misko, comedy magician for Kellar’s Magic and Comedy Club.

Some 74 businesses and vendors gave treats of their own. The Flagship City District’s stores distributing something sweet to kids dressed up and in the halloween spirit.

It’s something Tamulonis said they can use to thrive in their downtown homes.

“It’s great not only for only people who are coming downtown who haven’t been here in a while to see those businesses, but those businesses to see the increase attendance from events and realize how they can participate in events and capitalize on them,” Tamulonis went on to say.

Tamulonis said to be on the lookout for upcoming downtown winter events, including the return of the skating rink in Perry Square, in the coming weeks.