Family grieving over loss of 13-year-old shooting victim son

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One family is grieving after 13-year-old Kasir Gambill was shot and later died from injuries.

We spoke to the family dealing with this tragic loss.

The Gambill family is devastated by the death of Kasmir. They said no family should lose a child and want to prevent further gun violence in this community.

“I just want justice. I want my son back more than anything, but I know he is not coming back,” said Alliesha Gambill-Brown,

These are the words of a grieving mother suffering the death of her 13-year-old son who was shot multiple times one month ago.

In the City of Erie, police have still not found a suspect.

“He was my focus because I knew that he was going to be something great. He was a special kid,” said

Gambil-Brown added that it was difficult to see her son suffer and for the family to move on.

“What I saw my son go through in that hospital I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy,” said Gambil-Brown.

Other family members said that they are seeking justice for Kasmir.

“Taking a child’s life like that, a 13-year-old child’s life. That’s just heartless,” said Tashara Tate, Kasir’s Family Member.

“No parent should have to go through this. No grandparent should have to go through this. His grandmother is grieving as well,” said Natasha Gilmore, Family Member.

Kasir’s uncle Ty Porter said while the family is hurting right now, justice will be served.

“Just taken too soon, taken away too soon. Good kid and justice will be served,” said Ty Porter, Kasir Gambill’s Uncle.

“At least get him off the streets. Arrest him for something. If you have an idea give this family closure,” said Gilmore.

Members of the Gambill family said if you know anything about the murder of Kasmir, speak up to keep the community safe.

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