Family mourns the loss of the youngest Erie resident to die from COVID-19

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A family is mourning the loss of 24-year-old Colton Brown who recently lost his life while battling COVID-19.

We spoke to the family members who are devastated by Colton’s death.The Brown family has described Colton as a kind hearted young man who people could depend on with no preexisting conditions.

The family said that they want the community to understand that this virus affects people of all walks of life.

“It destroyed us. It absolutely destroyed us,” said Pam Bright, Mother of Colton Brown.

Pam Bright said that her son Colton Brown had an extremely difficult week long battle with COVID-19. Bright said that doctors at UPMC Hamot, and ultimately UPMC Pittsburgh where Brown was transfered, were doing everything they could.

Bright said that the hardest part was not being able to be there with her son.

“There’s us here at home. Our hands are tied. We can’t touch him. We can’t help him. We can’t see him,” said Bright.

Brown was working at the Erie County Court House as a probation officer. He befriended many members of the community, often offering his best advice. His father David Brown says if he were alive today, he’d have another message.

“He would want people to wise up and realize this virus is real and it’s out there,” Brown said.

Members of Colton Brown’s family said that he always made an effort to make people say whether it be a friend, a coworker, or even a stranger.

“He was there for everybody. If you needed help and you called, he was there no matter what he was doing. He loved everybody,” said David Brown.

“If you met our Colton today, you would be his friend for life. That’s how he was,” said Bright.

Brown’s parents and brother said that his positive energy will be missed.

“He had a smile that lit up the whole room. He would walk in with a big smile no matter what,” said Bright.

The Brown family says this should serve as a reminder to the community to take the spread of COVID-19 seriously.

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