The family of an 18-year-old that drowned in Presque Isle Bay last week said that it was peer pressure that lead to his death.

We have an exclusive interview with the mother of the victim.

It was right near the Bayfront Convention Center where the incident took place and 18-year-old Kevarion jumped into the water.

We are being told by the victim’s mother that there is evidence of her son being pressured by a group of friends to jump into the water.

The victim’s mother said that her son told the people pressuring him that he could not swim.

“I can’t swim and he said before I jump in here if I look like I’m dying y’all better save me. And you hear them laughing. It’s funny that my son is gone. That’s funny to y’all?” said Taleysha Staton, Mother.

These were the last words that 18-year-old Kevarion Jordan told his friends before jumping into the deep bay waters.

Jordan’s mother received a video of the incident from one of the people who was there. We can’t show the video since it’s part of the investigation.

The mother believes that this death was not accidential.

“It’s not peer pressure. Yes it is, but like it’s bullying. You can tell my son did not want to do that. I know his behavior and I cannot believe this happened. He’s gone. This is not a pool at the YMCA or a pool in someone’s backyard, this is the lake. He said I cannot swim more than one time. It should’ve been over,” said Staton.

We spoke with Erie Police Criminal Investigator Rick Lorah and he said that police are trying to determine if criminal charges can be filed.

“Are you peer pressured? Are you being bullied? They’re all ethical questions that kind of hit that grey area as far as the law goes,” said Rick Lorah, Criminal Investigator, Erie Police.

As for this grieving mother, she’ll keep the loving memories of her son close while waiting for answers.

“Like you really want to offer to pay for his funeral because you know you’re the reason that my son is gone and that’s why, and that’s not okay. No amount of money would bring my child back, not today or any other day. He’s gone,” said Stanton.

We have been told that this is an open case and it’s an ongoing investigation.

To donate to the funeral costs, click here.

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