Farm Bill looks to expand Dairy Investment Program to aide PA farmers

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Investing in the state’s dairy industry is one of the big goals of the Pennsylvania Farm Bill, and it comes at a tough time for dairy farmers.

In February, Governor Tom Wolf introduced the PA Farm Bill, a package of initiatives aimed at helping the state’s agriculture industry; including the dairy industry. 

Representative Saylor says, “Without this industry in Pennsylvania, we’ll be losing many, many jobs.”

And, many jobs already have been lost. Last year, Pennsylvania was second only to Wisconsin in dairy farmers closing up shop. 

Senator Regan says, “It’s our number one industry. I think we need to do our best, as legislators, to make sure that we cultivate that.”

Which is why, on Thursday, lawmakers joined Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russel Redding in visiting Caputo Brothers Creamery in York County. They’re one of the recipients of a ‘Dairy Investment Program’ grant allowing them to expand.

Redding says, “We want to highlight what’s possible. That’s what you see here in Caputo Brothers, with that Dairy Investment Program.”

The company, recently expanding their cheese business, partnering with companies like Troeg’s and Giant.

“Consumer consumption of cheese continues to climb while other things have been flat. Let’s keep that trend going. Invest in Caputo, invest in dairy, invest in cheese,” says Redding.

The ‘Dairy Investment Program’ awarded $5 million to 29 projects across the state this year aimed at helping dairy producers diversify and expand their businesses. Another $5 million would be awarded as part of the $24 million Farm Bill.

Saylor says, “It’s critical that we do the Farm Bill. It is important to save our number one industry, and make it part of our community.”

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